i60 was started by Grant McDonogh in 2005 with the simple idea of providing great software to great clients. Since then we have tried every day to add value to our clients by building tools that make their work easier.

We believe that if we add value first then success will follow. We value long term relationships and that is why we do our best everyday to give our clients what they need to be successful. That is also why we partner with the best product providers that we can find.

Our goal is for every product to make people want to come to work because they know they have the right tools to do their jobs well. We want to remove the frustration from their lives and create products that enhance their ability to delivery.

Software is a tool that should make your life easier. If you don’t have a business partner that delivers what you need year after year then you should contact us.

We are immensely proud of our team of experts who conceptualise, design, code, test and support software for companies large and small.
Grant McDonogh

Grant McDonogh

Founder & CEO
Adelle Dreyer

Adelle Dreyer

Outsystems Dreyer
Leon Nel

Leon Nel

Chief Information Officer

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Allen McDonogh

Business Owner

"These primary benefits when combined with very specific and extensive insurance knowledge within the i-Sixty team to deliver on its promise and place us firmly in a unique competing space "

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