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It was an era of rapid digital transformation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Across the world, lockdown restrictions were imposed, reducing face-to-face interaction, and causing businesses and consumers to go digital, from online schooling, video-conferencing to purchasing foods and services online.
The pandemic had a profound impact on the health sector, which was compelled to digitize its services in record time. 

Life Health Solutions, a health risk management company delivering integrated health and wellness solutions for their employees and stakeholders, was one such company. 

Life Health Solutions wanted to provide its employees and patients with a platform for virtual and on-site consultations. In collaboration with the iSixty Services development team, a whole app package was created including a Mobile app, Clinic app, Virtual doctor’s app, and multiple reporting applications. 

While developing all of these apps can be a daunting task for any development team, developers enjoy the challenge- the i60 team is no exception. They were not only excited to take on this project, but they also embraced the challenge, together with its time constraints. 

The virtual consultation application gives patients the ability to book a virtual and on-site consultation with a medical practitioner (registered nurse or doctor).
The functionality of the app made it easy for the medical practitioner to capture the patient’s information, create a health profile, and upload a prescription, sick note, or referral letter onto the system in real-time.

Better still are the consultation notes that are  readily available and easily accessible to the patient after their consult.
Life Health Solutions goal is to make employee wellness a priority, boost employee morale, productivity and the effective utilization of their employee’s time was achieved. The Primary Health app has certainly helped to deliver on this vision. 

"The intelligent use of science and technology are the tools with which to achieve new direction." — Jacque Fresco
The Primary Health App was nominated for MTN's Business App of the Year award for 2022.

It is an annual event that celebrates local technology talent, and out-of-the-box thinking that drives disruption, innovation, and change. 

With just over 1 000 entries, the Primary Health App, developed by iSixty Services, was nominated as one of the finalists.  


The amazing, focus-driven development team worked like trojans, thoroughly and timeously to give the client the desired results. It was a great honor to have been selected as a finalist. iSixty Services aims to provide reliable, scalable software solutions for our clients.