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Confpro needed a platform to simplify the management of events they were hosting or handling on behalf of their clients. The company required a platform that could help them streamline the process of event management from start to finish. The platform had to be easy to use yet powerful enough to handle all the varied tasks associated with event management.

Our client needed a solution that could handle both in-person and virtual events, with pricing structures that could be tailored to individual events. Delegates should be able to register as individuals or in groups and upload purchase orders if required. The system also needed to process payments and generate invoices, to make it easier to keep track of expenses and ensure timely payments.


To address this challenge, i60 developed a custom application to configure events for both in-person and virtual use. Our application allowed the client to adjust pricing and add any additional inclusions for each event. This application provided the client with the flexibility to meet their unique needs and maximize their event ROI.

Key Features
  • Configuration of events in-person or virtual
  • Allows for different tracks with different prices and ad-hoc inclusions.
  • Registration of individuals and groups
  • Upload purchase orders
  • Payment processing
  • Invoice generation