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The prioritization of employee wellness has been a focus of many organizations since the onset of COVID-19. iConnect has been designed to make the process of employee wellness simpler and less time-consuming for everyone involved. This is especially helpful for the HR department, as they can now track cases much more quickly and efficiently. The automated notifications and alerts also help to ensure that all employees are aware of their wellness status and remain in compliance with company policies.

Life Healthcare identified a need for a comprehensive employee wellness program that would provide employees with quick access to health information and connect them to health services when needed.

To satisfy this need, the company developed an application that allows employees to log any health concerns or queries. The app provides a convenient platform for employees to easily access health information and connect with health services, such as scheduling appointments with affiliated healthcare providers and accessing valuable resources about their health.

Logged case types can vary from medical, psychological, and legal case types.

Key Features
  • Case Tracking
  • Call Centre Roles 
  • Onboarding Affiliates (medical professionals)
  • Sessions with affiliates and session information capture  
  • Employee wellness case creation
  • Case creation over the phone
  • Creation by Management