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TheCOVID-19 pandemic has posed a unique challenge to businesses and employers, forcing them to rethink their strategies to keep employees safe and healthy. As the pandemic continues, employers have had to take extra steps to monitor the health of their workforce and ensure they are not at risk of infection. To help employers to achieve this, Life Healthcare saw the opportunity to build an application to assist in the management of staff risk. This application would allow them to check on the health status of their employees and maintain a risk-management system that allows them to reduce the risk of infections in their workplace.


This application allows employees to do a daily check-in to log their symptoms by completing a questionnaire that includes COVID-19 symptoms, and based on their results, the option to work remotely would become available to them. The results are available to supervisors in real time.

This application assisted in reducing the spread of COVID-19 by guaranteeing that only those without symptoms are allowed to come to the office and interact with other employees.

Additionally, the employees' were given peace of mind, knowing that those potentially infected will not be at the office. It also allowed employers in keeping track of the spread - so, if an employee has tested positive for the virus, the people they have had contact with can be alerted and appropriate action can be taken. This application has made it possible for many companies to operate safely and efficiently, without sacrificing the comfort and safety of their employees.

Key Features
  • Screening application for COVID symptoms.
  • Request for online consultation
  • Provide screening results:

o   All clear

o   Contact Positive

o   COVID unlikely

o   Symptom positive– Virtual consultation to be set-up

o   Tested Positive– Line manager receives test results.