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Our Award-Winning Process


We help make an online
evaluation that best suits
your Outsystem Solutions.


We meet with you to discuss the best option for you and your business.


We plan with your amazing team how to install the best Outsystem Soltuions.


We design the best tailor-made Outsystems
solutions for your business.


Our highly skilled team of developers create the perfect OutSystem Solution.


We make sure thorough tests are performed to ensure you get the best software.

Your Digital Transformation Starts Here

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Assess your
current situation

Determine your destination:
      Do you know the best way to get there?

Gather requirements:
     Do you have all the resources?

Identify the users:
     Who's coming with?

the best route

Design your database:
     Secure, efficient and reliable.

Define deliverables:
     Set your milestones.

Specify third-party integration:
     Are you travelling as a group?

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Hit the road
with confidence

Peace of mind:
     Product built correctly the first time.

Turn-by-turn navigation.
     Enjoy seeing constant delivery!

Celebrate your milestones.
     Arrive on time!

We are dedicated to your success

We will help you plan the best possible route to ensure the following;

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Prompt Delivery

Get your new ideas deployed within weeks

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Return on Investment

Scale to millions of customers in record time

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We deliver a high-level of engagement from start to finish.

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Expert Advice

We’ve travelled this road before – we have decades of experience.

With the help of i60’s expertise in Outsystems low code platform, Life Health Solutions was able to develop their core systems that enabled various business units within their organization to meet the new government regulations and better serve their customers. The solution included a COVID tracking and monitoring system for enterprises, enabling them to monitor their workforce as they returned to work.

Our Expertise


This program consists of 3 sprints. Each being 3 weeks.

  • Requirement assessment
  • Backlog build
  • Proof oc concept delivery
  • MVP build
  • Internal team monitoring for the first 6 weeks of the project lifecycle
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Legacy System

  • Old, slow and outdated system
  • We give you a system that will enable you to be an industry leader
  • We create your head-start
  • Enabling you to maintain the lead in your industry
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OutSystems Rescue

  • Detailed assessment
  • Professional reccomendation
  • Implementation to successful delivery
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